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Just released version 3.1.8

-ex did not work when there was a " or a ` in the matching string
    output of executed command is now redirected to /dev/null
-one can now select the number of lines to tail initially
-scrollback would segfault for very large lines
-code cleanup
-MacOS X version now needs ncurses. that's the default in version 10.2 and
-on macos x, 'off_t' is suddenly 64bit? this would make multitail
segfault. that is now fixed.
-loading of configurationfile (when selecting a colorscheme from the
commandline) was done incorrectly
-the modificationdate shown in the statusline is now the modificationtime
of the file instead of the last time something was read from it. that is
especially important when multitail is started and nothing was written to
it. also when the terminal was resized the date/time would be updated,

Folkert van Heusden

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