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Re: [multitail] Error doing, 3.1.x

> Quick hack is too baaad, Folkert.
> (... nothing happen...)
> (well, hit ctrl-C)
> Could not determine size of file '/root/Maildir/' (which is supposed to be your mailfile): mail-check is disabled.
> You can prevent this message by adding the line 'check_mail:0' in /etc/multitail.conf or in .multitailrc in your home-directory.
> haa??

hmmm, weird. added a fflush(stdout) which seems to work (tested :-])

> then, i put 'check_mail:0' end of the /etc/multitail.conf.
> and now...
> Malformed configline found:  (command delimiter (:) missing)
> errno: 0=Success (if applicable)
> that's all.

that's an unrelated bug (phew) which I should fix anyway. well, bug: you
have an empty line in your configfile. you should either use # at the
start of a line as comment, put a configparameter on it or leave it away.
but i'll fix it anyway
ok, fixed - and tested!
but hey: multitail is my toy-project, i'm not doing this fulltime so I
cannot test it all and such.

Folkert van Heusden

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