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new developmentversion 3.1.92

version 3.1.91:
- when a window gets updated, the terminal is no longer completely cleared
& redrawn. that is faster.

Version 3.1.92:
one can now set the titlebar

with -x or with 'titlebar:' in multitail.conf you can set the titlebar.
For example:

multitail -x "this is my titlebar"

titlebar:this is my titlebar

there are a few escapes:
%f  changed file
%h  hostname
%l  system load
%u  username
%t  date + time

so this:
titlebar:%u@%h %f (%t) [%l]
or this:
multitail -x "%u@%h %f (%t) [%l]"

should give aprox the following output in the titlebar:

folkert@server /var/log/messages (Mon May 17 19:17:55 CEST 2004) [0.1]

Folkert van Heusden

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