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multifiles in multitail

(resending it - sent it to the wrong e-mail address)

To: Patrick J. Walsh <pwalsh@dyna-q.com>
Cc: Minimalist Manager <minimalist@vanheusden.com>
Subject: Re: multifiles in multitail


Sorry it took so long but I've succeeded in implementing it :-) (not too
difficult but find spare time can be quiet challenging).
Please give it a try!

How it works?

multitail -iw "/var/CommuniGate/SystemLogs/*.log" 5
(don't forget the quotationmarks! otherwhise the shell will try to expand
the filepattern and bad thing will happen)

multitail -Iw ...
will also work: it will then merge the output with another file/program
you're monitoring (business as usual)

5 tells you the checkinterval (in seconds: how often to check for new files)

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Patrick J. Walsh wrote:

> Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:55:52 -0600
> From: Patrick J. Walsh <pwalsh@dyna-q.com>
> To: Minimalist Manager <minimalist@vanheusden.com>
> Cc: folkert@vanheusden.com
> Subject: multifiles in multitail
>     I hope this message makes it to the multitail list.  My subscription
> confirmation e-mail didn't give me an address to send list e-mails to...
>     I don't believe this is possible with multitail, but hopefully I'm
> wrong.  I'd like to be able to use one window to tail all of the files in a
> directory or else some wild card of files.  Let me give a specific example.
>     I have a directory, /var/CommuniGate/SystemLogs/ that has a bunch of
> files that look like this:
> 2004-06-12.log
> 2004-06-13.log
> 2004-06-14.log
> 2004-06-15.log
> where each night at midnight the oldest is deleted and a new log created.  I
> would like to do something like this:
> multitail -f /var/log/system.log /var/CommuniGate/SystemLogs/*.log
> and get two windows, one that tails any file in the SystemLogs directory,
> including new files, and one that tails the system.log file.
>     I was thinking that there may perhaps be a way to do this using a
> secondary command and the -l option, but I can't think of any.
>     If it isn't possible, can I add it as a feature request?
> Thanks,
> ..Patrick
> On 6/14/04 11:41 PM, "Minimalist Manager" <minimalist@vanheusden.com> wrote:
> > Dear pwalsh@dyna-q.com,
> >
> >   You have subscribed to MULTITAIL successfully.
> >
> > Please, note the following:
> >
> > This list is for announcements and support of MultiTail.
> >
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> > Sincerely, the Minimalist
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Folkert van Heusden

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