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Re: [multitail] 3.3.6

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 18:34:55 +0200 (CEST)
Folkert van Heusden <folkert@vanheusden.com> wrote:

> > > I've uploaded version 3.3.6 to my website.

> > Just a note that I have seen a couple of problems here.  I tail two logs,
> > the syslog in the upper half and the apache access log in the lower.  I
> have
> >noticed that the cursor in the upper half, sometimes positions itself in
> the
> >middle of the last line of the syslog and that some characters in that line
> >are lost.  I have also noticed times that the syslog scrolls only the last
> 3
> >or 4 lines and those above remain stationery for a while.  Since this is a
> >development version, I guess such things happen from time to time.
> That is strange. Are you using turbotail?
> Folkert van Heusden
No, but I will attempt to copy and paste.  I'll also chect to see if it is related to a specific terminal.

Robin Lynn Frank
Director of Operations
Paradigm-Omega, LLC
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