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version 3.4.8 released (bugfixes)

Version 3.4.8 was released minutes ago.

Version 3.4.6: compiles again on Free-, Open and NetBSD.
Version 3.4.7: lines would sometimes split in two, that is now fixed
Version 3.4.8: fixed a handle leak which occured when repeatingly viewing the output of an external command

(3.4.8: when doing for example multitail -R 2 -l "ls -l" which displays the difference
of the output of ls -l, ran every 2 seconds and showing only the difference)

I've also released version 3.5.1 but that is a development version. That version has quiet
a bit of coderewrite to get regular expression matching and suppression to work. Needs some
thorough testing.

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