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Re: [multitail] Re: WARNING

> > > multitail uses that in it's ui.c code. if you send it to the
> > > background that COULD be the problem.
> > Could be. But afaik zombies get only created when a chield process
> > exits. That means that a process started by multitail which exits could
> > cause it. When monitoring regular logFILES, no processes are executed.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   Now, this is *very* interesting.  Because I saw many '[tail] <defunct>'
>   and at least two '[multitail] <defunct>' in the process list.  So, the
>   (possibly rhetorical) question becomes "where did they come from?" if
>   multitail was not creating them?  Because no one was logged on to the
>   machine but me, and all I was running was multitail.  It is possible I
>   ran some other command in multitail, I just do not remember at this point.

This rotating of logfiles, does that also Sighup the processors which
have the file open?

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