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 I was monitoring a geographically distant email server via
 ssh and multitail when I got a call that no one (multiple
 customers) can access their email.

 It *appears* that multitail has filled up my process table with
 zombie ('tail <defunct>') processes.  Multitail was the only
 thing running that would have created a tail process as best
 as I can tell.

 I was able to run a 'ps xauw' and saw many, many of these zombies.

 I am now having someone in the area drive to the machine to
 hard reset it (because the process table is full and I have
 not been able to run shutdown on my existing ssh connection,
 due to '-bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable'.  Lucky
 I got the ps to run.

 I'll send more information after the email server is rebooted
 (e.g. multitail version, uname info, etc.).

Michael McDaniel
Portland, Oregon, USA
+1 503 283 5284