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Re: [multitail] multitail features

 I disagree that multitail should modify anything on the system.
 Let it do well the thing it does, present information.

 There are already default tools that systems install for
 rotating/truncating logs (e.g. on *nix, logrotate) used
 via a cronjob (man logrotate).  Some systems you only have
 to include a file in /etc/logrotate.d to add new logfiles to 


On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 07:35:47AM -0400, tony summerfelt wrote:
>  knwo it's outside of the general concept/purpose for multitail, but i
> can't help thinking it would be great if it could automatically
> truncate logs (and leave a configurable number of lines left)
> i wrote a ruby program a while ago that lets me monitor logs using
> numerous different methods although it doesn't do the colours.
> it created a log of activities itself, which i tailed via 'most'. of
> course i tail that file using multitail now...
> it would be nice to eliminate my ruby program altogether. i realize
> that multitail wouldn't have all the archiving/truncating  type
> features the ruby had, still it would be nice to eliminate it.
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