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  I have another system I was running multitail on.

  An old, small (Mhz, hard drive, etc.) system that, you
  guessed? had been running for about seven or eight months.

  It crashed yesterday.  Ran out of filespace. 100% full.

  What I finally found after getting it restarted was that
  a file, log.log had grown to well over a gigabyte in size.
  log.log apparently is a debug file for multitail - I didn't
  know it was created.

  I seriously would *not* be expending this much effort if 
  multitail was not a valuable tool for me to use.


  1) Did I miss log.log in the documentation for the
     development version?

  2) Does log.log happen on prod versions also?

  3) Are there other pertinent system affecting behaviours I
     need to know about before trying multitail again?

  4) Have I completely overlooked some documentation for multitail
     that would help me understand how it interacts with systems
     (short of reading all the source code?) ?