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released development release 3.9.15 of multitail

released development release 3.9.15 of multitail
 added colorscheme for log4j
 lines ending with '\' can now be reconnected into one line
 when multitail switches from one logfile to the other in one window, a markerline can be printed (like the original tail does)
 fixed a segfault that happened when adding a new non-merged window via the gui
 the colorscheme(s) in the "write script" functionality did not work
 -em/-ev etc. hopefully finally work
 cygwin version had problems finding its configfile
 some colorconfigurations produced back-on-black text
 fixed the code that decides on the sizes of the windows to display
 for the 'default parameters for filepattern' configurationfile settings the real path is used
 a window that closed by itself could cause an occasional segfault
 when the terminal gets resized, the current popup window is moved
 on really small windows the markerline would get garbled
 cursor key down in the scrollback window now goes back one line as it should
 the example multitail.conf is now copied to multitail.conf.new so that your own personalized version is not overwritten

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