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Re: [multitail] released development release 3.9.15 of multitail

 I already have v3.9.15 installed on machines.

 Aside from doing recompiles and md5/sha1 sums on executables, how
 do I know which v3.9.15 is deployed?  Or perhaps I am misunderstanding
 your versioning protocol?

 I am more accustomed to having single release with a particular
 version number and then a different release would have a different
 version number.  Back in the early '90s Digital Research released
 two versions of DR-DOS (an MS-DOS competitor).  Unfortunately,
 *both* versions were labeled v5.0 though only one of them worked
 correctly with regard to networking.  It was very difficult to
 track down problems ("which version are you using?" ceased to be 

 'multitail -V' is convenient though not as convenient if it says
 3.9.15 for different versions.  I also embed tags in my files so,
 for example (since I use rcs locally) I can do an 'ident program'
 and see the versions of all the modules which were used.


On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 10:56:27PM +0200, Folkert van Heusden wrote:
> released development release 3.9.15 of multitail
>  added colorscheme for log4j
>  lines ending with '\' can now be reconnected into one line
>  when multitail switches from one logfile to the other in one window, a markerline can be printed (like the original tail does)
>  fixed a segfault that happened when adding a new non-merged window via the gui
>  the colorscheme(s) in the "write script" functionality did not work
>  -em/-ev etc. hopefully finally work
>  cygwin version had problems finding its configfile
>  some colorconfigurations produced back-on-black text
>  fixed the code that decides on the sizes of the windows to display
>  for the 'default parameters for filepattern' configurationfile settings the real path is used
>  a window that closed by itself could cause an occasional segfault
>  when the terminal gets resized, the current popup window is moved
>  on really small windows the markerline would get garbled
>  cursor key down in the scrollback window now goes back one line as it should
>  the example multitail.conf is now copied to multitail.conf.new so that your own personalized version is not overwritten
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