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Re: [multitail] NEW WARNING

>   I have another system I was running multitail on.
>   An old, small (Mhz, hard drive, etc.) system that, you
>   guessed? had been running for about seven or eight months.
>   It crashed yesterday.  Ran out of filespace. 100% full.
>   What I finally found after getting it restarted was that
>   a file, log.log had grown to well over a gigabyte in size.
>   log.log apparently is a debug file for multitail - I didn't
>   know it was created.

Ah yes, the debugfile. That one is only created (sometimes!) when you
use a development version. The stable version doesn't have this.

>   1) Did I miss log.log in the documentation for the
>      development version?

Nope, just me forgetting to fix the makefile.

>   2) Does log.log happen on prod versions also?


>   3) Are there other pertinent system affecting behaviours I
>      need to know about before trying multitail again?


>   4) Have I completely overlooked some documentation for multitail
>      that would help me understand how it interacts with systems
>      (short of reading all the source code?) ?

Ehm no :o)

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