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Re: [multitail] Re: WARNING

> >  Is it possible that ^Z (placing multimail in background) could
> >  cause problems?
> doesn't unexpected termination (ie. not waiting for the child process)
> of a parent process cause zombies?
> out of curiosity is this a redhat machine? i know there was  a problem
> with some verisons of redhat ignoring the SIGCHLD signal... and

If that's so I'm *really* interested to know what version of redhat that
is, maybe I can try it in vmware or so.

> multitail uses that in it's ui.c code. if you send it to the
> background that COULD be the problem.

Could be. But afaik zombies get only created when a chield process
exits. That means that a process started by multitail which exits could
cause it. When monitoring regular logFILES, no processes are executed.

> i always use 'screen' myself. i use "screen -S mt" and then run
> multitail.

Ah yes, screen is very handy.

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