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Re: Re: Re: development release 3.9.14 of multitail

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 22:55:49 +0200, you wrote:

> Will, hopefully, fix it
>these evening and upload

yes, fixed. 

i found what's more cosmetic bugs than anything else:

1) i have three windows open in mulittail. the first two show separate
logs, the third one is two merged logs.

when i hit 'w' to write out the script, and that script is run,
multitail opens the two logs that were previously merged,  into
separeate windows (so i now have a total of 4 instead of the original

i can just delete the extra window and re-merge, so it's not a big

2) when i hit 'e' or 's' the window that pops up isn't quite wide
enough. so with 'e'. the prompt: 'select window (reg.exp.d)

the 'd' is on the second line. the ')' is over written by the first
window number ie:

  Select window (reg.exp.
d00 /cygd...bbs

the same kind of thing happens with the 's' command:

  Swap windows , select wi
o00 /cygdr...bbs

the operation of those commands isn't affected.

this is with and the latest cygwin