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Re: [multitail] reverse color scheme

 I am obviously confused about changing the color scheme.

 If I press 'c' which brings up the 'Toggle colors' window, 
 and I then press 's'(yslog), I get the reverse colors.  I
 like the different colors for different lines but not inverse.
 If I press 'c' and choose 'S'(cheme) and choose 'syslog', the
 colors are on a per field basis (which I do not want).

 So, where do I set the 's'(yslog) colors to not be inverse, only
 each line different color.



On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 12:37:02PM -0800, Michael McDaniel wrote:
>  I am using multitail 3.9.14.
>  I would like to *not* have inverse color in the syslog
>  colorscheme (or any colorscheme).
>  How can I get inverse colors to stop, and only have 
>  color-on-white display?
>  thanks,
>  ~Michael
>  P.S. this did not occur when I used v3.8.x though then I did
>       not have a multitail.conf installed in /etc
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