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development release 3.9.14 of multitail

Development release 3.9.14 of multitail released.
MultiTail can now automatically open a new window if a new file was
found, improved color selection interface, statusline can now be put
above the data window, colors and attributes of statusline can be
configured, added colorscheme for Netscape Directory server (LDAP),
added color for 'vmstat', multiple attributes (bold, underline, reverse,
etc.) can now be set for a colorscheme, repeating lines can be
suppressed, a line (like the syslog '--- mark ---' line) can be printed
when there's no activity in a window for a configurable time, improved
navigating the on-line help text, some fixes for default number of
lines/kb to buffer, pressing delete when editing a line could give
garbage, searching in the scrollback window would give segfaults in
certain situations, also "search next" would not work, added key for
hiding all windows but the one selected, added key for unhiding all
windows at once.

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