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Re: -n and -m options

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:34:57 +0200, you wrote:

>Can you give me please te commandline? I cannot reproduce the problem
>right now.

i keep forgetting to do that, this is what i'm using as generated by
the 'w' command, reformatted for easier reading.

multitail -Z blue,yellow,inverse -T -S -x "%m %u@%h %f (%t) [%l]" 
             -m 25 --mark-interval 3600 -p l -n 25 
             -cS _elebbs -em "on-line" -em "bre56" 
             -em "User off-line " "/cygdrive/r/logs/elebbs.log" 
             -m 25 --mark-interval 3900 -p l -n 25 
             -cS _ip_1 -em "Session traf:" 
              -em "AKA" 
              -em "Received" 
              -em "Sent/delete" 
              "/cygdrive/r/logs/ip_1.log" --mark-interval 3900 
              -n 3 -cS _ip_2 -em "Session traf:" -em "AKAs" 
              -I "/cygdrive/r/logs/ip_2.log" --mark-interval 3900
              --no-repeat -n 3 -cS _fmail 
               -em "Netmail:" -I "/cygdrive/r/logs/fmail.log"