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$ multitail -V

 --*- multitail (C) 2003-2006 by folkert@vanheusden.com -*--

$ sudo /home/mmcdanie/bin/multitail \
  -csn -cs -wh  8 -c -m 8192 "/var/log/messages" \
  -csn -cs        -c -m 8192 "/var/log/mail"

  Add (merge) to existing window?  n

  File or command? (f/c) f

  Enter filename: 
  Follow filename? (y/n) n
  Colors? (syslog/misc/field/none/Scheme/list) n

  Add another to this new window?  n

 Segmentation fault 

  1) it does not seem to matter what 'Colors?' is chosen, 
     always segfaults.  And I have to run 'reset' command after.
  2) I can start multitail with extra
      -csn -cs        -c -m 8192 "/var/log/mail"
     and get three windows fine.