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Re: Re: Re: released (devel. multitail)

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:38:35 +0200, you wrote:

>Can you give me an example of such outputted script?

multitail -Z blue,yellow,inverse -T -S -x "%m %u@%h %f (%t) [%l]" \
            -m 0 --mark-interval 3600 -p l 
           -cS _elebbs -eC "on-line" \
           -em "bre56" \
           -em  "off-line" "/cygdrive/r/logs/elebbs.log"  \
           -m 0 --mark-interval 2700 
           -cS _elebbs \
           -em "Netmail:" \  "/cygdrive/r/logs/fmail.log" \
           -m 0  --mark-interval 2700 
           -cS _elebbs  \
          -eC "Session traf:"  \
          -em "AKA" "/cygdrive/r/logs/ip_1.log" \   
         --mark-interval 2700 -n 0 -f -cS _elebbs  \
          -cS _fmail 
          -em "Session traf:" -em "AKAs" \ 
          -I "/cygdrive/r/logs/ip_2.log"

the second -cS _elebbs should actually be _fmail
the third -cS _elebbs should be _ip_1
the -cS fmail near the bottom should be _ip_2

the above script doesn't quite match what's happening, and i can't get
the -em "off-line" to work at all (not even within multimail where i
use 'e' to define it.

all the regex's are in their own colour scheme in multimail.conf