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Re: [multitail] regex help

René Berber a écrit :
René Berber wrote:

The equivalents to that notation are something like:

\d	[:digit:]+	or	[0-9]+
\S	[:alpha:]+	or	[a-zA-Z]+
i don't agree... \S is not equivalent to alpha, it's the negation of \s, equivalent to [^\s], meaning everithing but whitespaces characters
\s	[:space:]+	or	[ \t]+

Wrong again...

So the expression becomes:

\[[:alpha:]+\] )"


the line will wrap on the mail, but there is a single space before and after the
last match for "[<anything>]".

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As far as i know, the collating syntax [:class:], but it could be [.class.] or [=class=] should be used between bracket, and quantifiers should used comma, not dash, something like [[:digit:]]{1,3}

and could be wrote shorter like this
"(([[:digit:]]{1,3}\.){2}(108\.226|108\.243)|^\[.+\]\[[:alpha:]+\] )"
But as i said before, the last part is wrong as it will match all lines (because of greedy .+),

Last part will work when wrote like this

This regex will only match '[bloc1] [bloc2] X' with X <> '['

finally, the command line is
multitail -EB '108\.243|108\.226|^(\[[^]]+\][[:space:]]){2}[^\[]' -E '108\.243|108\.226|^(\[[^]]+\][[:space:]]){2}[^\[]' error_pub.log error_adm.log

My problem was to used the class symbol \s not understood by multitail.



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