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Re: new features? bugs? anything?

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:35:16 +0200, you wrote:

>> the only feature i'd like to see is an automatic truncating of logs
>> based on file size.

>Isn't that feature already in it?
>If you press 'T' (uppercase) in the main window you'll get a popup that
>will let you do so.

i can truncate manually. what i meant automatic :) based on file size.

ie. when a log is over 512k (or a timing option) it's truncated to the
last 512k of the log. for fast growing logs a timed operation is
probably better.

one of the logs i was using multitail to track i had to truncate
manually every hour or so to keep the file size reasonable. that got
old after the first few hours so i don't use multitail to tail that
file. i had to write a log truncating utility for fast growing logs.

all i need is simple automatic truncating based on file size.  ideally
i would like to see a custom time format that could be entered into
the multitail.conf that would truncate a log based on date/time
ranges. i've written something like that in ruby and use it to
truncate my various logs, but having it bult into multitail is more
convenient :)

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