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Re: [multitail] released version 4.3.7 (devel. rel.) of multitail

> > > I use multitail A LOT, and with several log files. It has only one problem:
> > > performace. Using B and going up is very slow (maybe an option not to
> > > render colors). Also, page up does not work, and line by line is not good.
> > Page-up not at all? Or incorrect number of lines?
> > Because if not at all then please check your terminal settings: putty
> > with functionkeys set to xterm-R6 work fine (also F1 then works).
> Sorry, my mistake. It works. What is annoying is the horizontal scroll (a
> "page left" function). Its slow.

Ok. I'm afraid I can't do much about that.

But if you press 'Y', linewrap is switched on. It should be on by
default (as configured in the sample configfile) but due to a mistake
inversely interpreted. That'll be fixed in 5.0.0.

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