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docs on rules?

while i like using multitail, it lacks documentation on the following
items (taken from the sample config):

+ cs_re:green,,bold:rule: *[^;]*

+ filterscheme:syslog:removes '----mark----' and such
+ rule:ev:---- MARK ----
+ # on what file(s) to use the filter by default
+ usefilterscheme:syslog:/var/log/messages
+ #
+ # edits (part of lines)
+ editscheme:syslog:removes '----'
+ editrule:ke:----
+ editrule:ke:make
+ # on what file(s) to use the filter by default
+ useeditscheme:syslog:/var/log/messages

if you clue me in on these, i'll send you documentation in the form of
comments in the sample config or even in the manual page, with the
former preferred.  these are powerful features, and i'd like to use
them.  may i say that, beeing a scheme fan, i'd like to see an embedded
scheme or lua interpreter to be able to add conversion functions!  lua
is considerably easier to implement, though, and it's a nice little
programming language, too.  it's being used in the elinks text browser,
which also features guile-scheme extensions.

regards, clemens