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Re: [multitail] multitail ssh question

> Hi multitail users,
> Hello Folkert,
> I just installed multitail to use it with multiple apache logs which I 
> can only access through ssh.
> Problem is when run "ssh <server> tail -f <logfile>" as an external 
> command to multitail, the ssh connections don't get closed when I quit 
> multitail, even worse every ssh connection opens a csh in which the 
> "tail -f" command is run.

So the ssh client is still running, right? I assume that you use public
key authentication?
What version of multitail do you use?
Can you please try 4.3.4 and tell me if that one also still has that

Folkert van Heusden

MultiTail är en flexibel redskap för att fälja logfilar, utför av
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