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Re: [multitail] usefull?

> > I was thinking: would it be usefull to be able to select 2 colors for a
> > regular expression so that multitail will alternate between them? E.g.:
> > cs_re:red,blue,bold|red,blue:regexp
> > matching line 1: red,blue,bold
> > matching line 2: red,blue
> > matching line 3: red,blue,bold
> > etc.
> i figure this could come handy for repetitive patterns to make certain
> things stand out more?
> the problem is sure there, but i don't think this feature would really
> benefit many people.  but it bloats the code.  my opinion:  no opinion.

Hmmm yes, code gets a little bit bigger but on the other hand (I'm
thinking aloud here) the main goal of multitail is making watching
logfiles (and such) as convenient as possible. Hmmm.

Folkert van Heusden

MultiTail är en flexibel redskap för att fälja logfilar, utför av
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