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multitail ssh question

Hi multitail users,
Hello Folkert,

I just installed multitail to use it with multiple apache logs which I can only access through ssh.

Problem is when run "ssh <server> tail -f <logfile>" as an external command to multitail, the ssh connections don't get closed when I quit multitail, even worse every ssh connection opens a csh in which the "tail -f" command is run.

my question, are there any ssh switches I can use so that the ssh connection gets closed as well when multitail exits, or does anybody know better ways as "tail -f" on each server to get the output? Or are there any client/server scripts which can pipe the output through ssh on a local file so that multitail can be run on the local files for each server?

Any help on this would be very helpful cause I'm really out of ideas.

Thanks a lot,

Marc elser