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Re: [multitail] released development release 4.3.5 of multitail

> Folkert van Heusden:

> released development release 4.3.5 of multitail
> 4.3.5: - 'n' (clear a buffer+window) did not work
>        - added 'N' which clears all buffers and windows
>        - in the scrollback menu, search next ('n') did not work
>        - global search now remembers the last searchstring
>        - added history to inputfields like searchstrings:
>          press ^r or cursor key down when entering a search-string or filename or command

i wonder:  multitail has the `-j' switch to make it read from stdin.
numerous times have i forgotten about this and piped into it without
this switch.  since i use screen, the particular pty becomes unusable,
and screen itself gets busy delivering beeps/flashes.  because screen
doesn't honor commands in this situation, i cannot even go to another
console to kill multitail, and multitail doesn't respond to ctrl-c or

i ended up power-cycling the computer.  very, very annoying!  there are
several possible solutions:  check to see if stdin is a terminal or
a pipe.  or check for several "wrong" commands in a row and stop the
show.  could this please be considered for a future release?

regards, clemens