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released development release 4.3.6 of multitail


Released development release 4.3.6 of multitail:
 - MultiTail now verifies that you did not accidentely tried to pipe something into multitail while not using -j/-J
 - do a read of SSIZE_MAX or 65536 (whichever is smaller) instead of just hardcoded 65535 bytes: that way it'll also run on UNIX systems where SSIZE_MAX < 65535
 - when reading from stdin and the end of the file is reached, multitail would busy-loop causing high cpu load
 - terminal-mode can now also select the subwindow
 - disabled terminal-mode for stdin (as that would not work)
 - added mcsre/mcsre_s/etc. (like cs_re/cs_re_s/etc.) but which merges these attributes to the attributes of a previous matched cs_re/mcsre
 - statistics screen now also shows the number of colorpairs in use
 - added colorscheme for Argus (http://qosient.com/argus/) - copied from http://wtf.hijacked.us/wiki/index.php/Multitail
 - added support (in colorschemes) for alternating colors

Folkert van Heusden

MultiTail es una herramienta flexibele para consiguir archivos de log,
y para ejecutar ordenes. Filtrar, añadir colores, merger y vista de
las differencias.  http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/
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