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released development release 4.3.4 of MultiTail


Released development release 4.3.4 of MultiTail:
- terminal emulation can now also be selected via the menus
- default conversion scheme for a file can now be selected
- conversion schemes can now be selected at runtime (^v) (only for new lines)
- adding subwindow-id before each line can now be toggled at runtime (only for new lines)
- when selecting a subwindow, the subwindow number is displayed in front of each subwindow-name as well
- when adding a timestamp, a subwindownumber or a label before each line, colorschemes would get garbled
- code cleanups
- performance optimalisation of buffering; expected speed-up is 90%
- added colorscheme for portsentry
- updated on-line help
- lists of subwindows did not show file/command name
- fixed memoryleak in merged scrollback
- fixes in the cs_re* logic
- fixed sysstat colorschemes
- merged view (after a (global) search) can now show the window/subwindow number in front of each line (press ^t)
- fixes so that on IRIX MultiTail compiles without path-changes to the Makefile
- added -[eE]X which only gives the matching substring as a parameter to the command which is invoked for each matching line
- fixed a warning about TERM_IGNORE in utils.c (harmless but anoying netherless)
- check_mail value of 0 was not accepted altough it should be
- Ex (e.g. use the following for all following files) would fail when you would edit the command from within the menu
- -[qQ] did not use the default linewrap mode
- added wordwrap (-p w)

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