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Re: [multitail] multitail marketing campagne

On 30.01.2007 13:24, * Folkert van Heusden wrote:
> Hi,
> As some of you might have noticed; i'm quit serious about spreading
> multitail as much as possible. E.g. let it be the microsoft of the
> logviewers (bad example but what I mean is; let it be the dominant
> player on the logview market). I'm already giving people mugs with the
> multitail logo and url on it and most of my e-mails mention it. But it
> goes to slow; too many people haven't heard of it at all. So what I
> would like to ask: do any of you have suggestions how I can promote
> multitail? Not too expensive please; e.g. advertising on slashdot costs
> thousands of dollars (if I remember correctly around 4000 dollar) and I
> cannot afford that kind of money.
> So all suggestions are welcome!
> Folkert van Heusden

Register and publish a dedicated website (eg. multitail.net)

Do some nice graphic banners eye-catching logos and mind-catching
taglines for people to publish on their websites.

If you can't make it yourself, start a logo contest.

Make them participate with a color-scheme submission and download website.

Make it easier to integrate new downloaded colorschemes with a new
include-dir configuration statement (instead of including single files).

IT News (websites and magazines) are always eager for news. Give them
your story, release often to give them even more new stories ;-)

Try to get on the website of every product you have a colorscheme for,
or even without, if it may just be usefull with it. (As happened with
www.qmail.org after you implemented tai64n).

If you can't get ont their website, at least write something about it in
their forums.

Move to sourceforge.net (but keep the dedicated website) it may increase

Publish rants about your competiton in public places, they may not be
amused but you will get noticed. They may fire back wich gives you hints
on how to improve your product ;-)

Translate your website, manpages and the program itself in every
language of the planet.

User support forum where we can exchange the latest tricks.

Its like building a world around it. Good luck.


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