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Help about cs_re_s


First, thank you so much for this great software. Definitely one of my Top 10 SA/Dev knifes.

I'm writing a python software and, for dev purpose, I'm generating an infamously verbose debug log which helps me a lot 'cause I have all the informations I need in every situations. Fine...
This morning, as my eyes began bleeding reading this log for hours, I though I could make me good taking a little while to write a custom CS for MultiTail that would ease information seeking.
I've easily managed to get basic colouring... then failed to do fancier things and so my question: how can you match and colorize a substring that repeats an undertermined number of times on a line ?
In my case, I log python dictionaries, {'key': value[,'key': value]}, with variable number of items and would like to highlight the ('key': ) substrings.

As I'm both new to MultiTail CSs and far from a regex killer, I'd like to know if this is something that can be done and, if so, any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance