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Re: [multitail] Fw: 5.2.9 Re: Bug#653147: multitail: Segmentation fault in highlight/search

On 2012-01-12 09:37:11 (+0100), Folkert van Heusden <folkert.mobiel@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Pascal,
> > Our patches and everything else that is used to build the
> > package is here:
> > https://build.opensuse.org/package/files?package=multitail&project=server%3Amonitoring
> > I've added a patch that replaces legacy socket creation code
> > with getaddrinfo, which supports IPv6 amongst other things:
> > https://api.opensuse.org/public/source/server:monitoring/multitail/multitail-getaddrinfo.patch

> I applied the patch to my code. Also the one that fixes that potential
> buffer overflow.

Ok, awesome, thanks for taking the patches.
That way I can finally drop them on my end ;)

> I might release a new version soon as it seems there's a problem
> compiling things with cygwin: a missing stdio.h include in utils.h
> causes the compile to fail on cygwin.

Ok, I'm keeping track.

Keep up the good work, there are definitely some very useful
tools coming out of your mind and fingers :)

  -o) Pascal Bleser
  /\\ http://opensuse.org -- we haz green
 _\_v http://fosdem.org   -- we haz conf

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