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Re: [multitail] multitail -c unreadable colors

On 8/21/2014 1:32 PM, David Winiecki wrote:

> Thank you René. All the color settings appear to control how keywords
> and patterns are colored. But I'm interested in controlling the allowed
> combinations (foreground and background) of colors when using the -c
> option. 

That is called "scheme" in the configuration.

The parameter on the command line which addresses your issue is "-cS

Of course you can also change defaultcscheme in the settings and don't
need to name the scheme.

> This config variable looked promising but I don't notice any effect when
> I set it:

Then your terminal doesn't support bright colors.

> bright:(0)	<--- wrong
> bright:0	<--- right
> bright: 0	<--- same as the previous one.

> Am I missing the point?
> It looks like multitail -ts /some/file will serve my needs well enough
> anyway.

What does time stamping have to do with colors?

I think the main point is what does your terminal support?  (i.e.
bold/italic/underscore/blink/normal, 8-, or 256-colors).  Then work with

My experience is that I have to adjust the colors because I use a
terminal with white text over olive green background, which is not the
usual white on black, or black on off-white.  I also have to adjust the
regular expressions for specific logs.
René Berber

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