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Re: [multitail] released version 6.3 of multitail

> > I've released version 6.3 of multitail.
> The Makefile seems to have several "issues"... I'm using the following
> to install to /opt, which shows the problem with not using PREFIX in
> some places, and not using DEBUG ever (a compile time warning shows
> saying the FORTIFY_SOURCE can only be used with optimization; and only
> DEBUG defines optimization):
> sed -i -e 's@PREFIX=/usr@PREFIX=/opt@' \
>   -e 's@CFLAGS+=@CFLAGS+=$(DEBUG) @' \
>   -e 's@$(DESTDIR)/etc@$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/etc@'  Makefile

It would be great if someone invested time in getting it to work with
either autoconf or cmake. Then we don't have these problems.

Folkert van Heusden

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