Query NTP server

NTP is an abbreviation for "network time protocol". It is a method of synchronizing the internal clock of multiple computers. If one (or, preferably at least 4) has an atomic clock (or a receiver of the DCF77 time broadcast (or any other time signal radio stations)), precisions of milli- and even microseconds can be achieved.

On this page you can check if your own NTP server is reachable over the internet. This can be usefull when your NTP-server is part of the public NTP pool (which serves as a public pool of NTP servers available to all users on the internet).

Note: the special options (query peer list, etc) usually don't work because most sysadmins disable them to mitigate DDOS-abuse. Of course it will still poll the NTP server and return its time.

IPv4 servers

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IPv6 servers

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